CoopCity is a cooperative housing development located in the land bank adjacent to the popular Coop Villas Estate, Badore Ajah and the Omu creek. c-city has a 1.50km shoreline along the Omu creek and adjoins the Percio land bank – 50Ha of water front facing land with 1.35km of shoreline, also along the Omu creek.


Boat Club and Resort

The Coopcity Resort will be a lifestyle. A place for families, friends and colleagues to come together, with outdoor activities, a wellness centre, a mini golf course, a lake and acres of green to rest, relax and recharge in. The chalets are a series of 1 bedroom Lakeside Cabins & 2 bedroom luxury apartments for sale. Fully serviced by The Resort concierge and security teams, these managed apartments will be an exceptional lifestyle investment. The Boat Club will showcase communal spaces and wellness centre activities for the Mansion plot owners and resort.


Self-build Acre-plots with over 2,000 sqm of land per plot for the ideal suburban residential estates for family living. Assisted living estates for starter families and the elderly with extensive support facilities such as catering, support for the elderly, childcare. A policy centre and Museum for Africa Leadership & Development. Lavish landscapes and communal spaces. Independent power facilities & top quality central management. Private parking and mooring points for boats at the back of the house.

Aurora Campo

Self-build plots with 500sqm to 600sqm of land per plot for the ideal suburban residential family units. A park for communal engagements. Lavish landscapes and communal spaces provisions in development plan. Independent power facilities & top quality central management.

COOP Meadows

The first phase of Cooperative meadows will be sold out as controlled bulk sales to other developers.They will be provided with development plans to conform to the Hospitality theme intended for the c-city developments. The second phase of Cooperative meadows will feature Mid density developments such as multilevel buildings and terrace apartments. These developments will conform to with sustainable dwelling and ample Landscaping development plans and will be driven through JV or Co-Development initiatives.

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