Our Story

In 1993, armed with a vision to create a different kind of living experience and residential community, we embarked on a progressive land acquisition project that would become the now-famous Coop Villas Estate.

With the knowledge acquired from organizing prospective homeowners into a cooperative to bring their home-ownership vision to reality, we partnered with the Post-Service Housing Directorate of the Nigerian Army in 1997 to establish the policy and execution framework for the National Army Housing Scheme. By 2005, we had built 1,760 homes across 20 states of the federation for post-service veterans and serving officers.


The remarkable success of the National Army Housing Scheme brought our Cooperative Home Ownership Model to the attention of the Lagos State Government in 2008 and influenced our involvement in developing the Lagos Habitat policy framework for the provision of affordable housing in the State. As part of the execution, we worked in Public/Private Partnership (PPP) capacity with the Lagos State Government to develop 10,000 affordable homes in 3 locations under the Cooperative Home Ownership Incentive Scheme (CHOIS) brand.

Today, we remain the largest private institution providing cooperative housing in Nigeria. With this experience, we are launching forward into the future by positioning ourselves to become the largest providers of quality rental accommodation across the demographic value chain while creating wealth in the process.

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